12' - First Performance:
BBC Symphony Orchestra, Susanna Mälkki
BBC Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London (2009)

The starting point for my music is invariably the music itself rather than a direct outside influence such as a painting or poem. This involves a long period of sitting around fiddling with musical ideas, until a small idea takes hold, comes to life, and tells me what the piece should be about.

From Trumpet took on a life of it's own when I decided to use only one rhythmical cell to construct all the music.

This cell is stretched, compressed and combined with itself to build up an underlying structure and backbone, whilst acting as the basis for simple melodic motifs which signpost the direction and form of the rhythmical structure beneath.

Large slow moving harmonies which increase in pace as the piece progresses give an outline on which all the pitch material is hung and provide another layer in the sense of momentum.

Thrown over the top of everything is a simple pulse which, from small beginnings, gradually takes hold, always interrupting, finally taking over.